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Jan. 31st, 2017

♦ Hello everyone, I salute you from the other side of the border. With everything that's going on I've come to find that being around family and friends is something positive right now and I needed it. A lot. My anxiety was seriously crippling me to the point of having panic attacks, this past week everywhere I looked there was nothing but bad news and things have never looked so bleak. I realize we still have a lot to fight for, but I also made a conscious decision to take care of myself, starting by not reading my Facebook feed as much, log out, take a step back and breathe. There's so much negativity floating around and I don't need that. Not right now.

Me these past days.

⚫ Before all the ban shitstorm hit we came to visit my grandparents--they've been a bit under the weather-- and I believe it was a good idea. At least I'm not absolutely hopeless and sad anymore. My mom returned home Saturday night, I think we were (are) afraid because with the way things are going people just don't feel safe leaving the country. It's an awful feeling. But things were fine. Yet I stayed, right now my grandparents' home is like a haven and I need that. Here I'm distracted and less tempted to check Facebook and argue with people whose logic and common sense is lacking. And I've come to the conclusion giving up--because for a moment there I thought everything was pointless-- is not the answer. I have a voice and speaking out is my right. I plan on going to a march with my sister in SD planned by latina women. Knowing there's people who are ready to fight back makes me hold onto the hope I still have.

♦ In other news, I started reading The Last Dragonslayer by Jasper Fforde, and I'm loving it, he's got such an unique style and sense of humor.

⚫ I've been watching Parks & Recreation, again. The perfect show to enjoy right now. Leslie Knope is queen. I relate so much. Gifs of her are giving me life rn.

(Trying to wake up. What do you mean this is all real?)

♦ Tomorrow I'm finally seeing La La Land, I've heard so many good things that I'm almost scared because I don't wanna be dissapointed by it. Emma Stone is a point in its favor for me 💞

⚫ I forgot my iPad back home so I'm using my grandma's tablet, I had to change the language because autocorrect kept changing every word into Spanish. It was funny and annoying. Also, I'm loving the emojis because they look super cute. Idk, I've been comparing both. So, I was wondering, do you use a tablet or an iPad? If so, how useful do you find it? I was contemplating getting a new iPad but now I'm considering getting a Samsung tablet.


○ I've been writing more because I can focus my energy in something I like.

□ I was reminded over the weekend that I'm participating in the SPN Reverse Bang as an artist, thankfully the authors have checked in with me and it's such an awesome feeling to know your art can be the basis for a fic. ☺🙂

○ I'm totally going to sign up for After Camlann and actually finish! And there's a word war I have to join too 🤓

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