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Here is my final contribution as an artist for the [ profile] marvel_bang and luckily I got [ profile] gottalovev's hilarious and amazing story We're Skintight. Featuring oblivious boys, an obsessive villain and pining.

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Soooo I got the chance to make art for the fic Don't Fear the Reaper written by the always lovely [ profile] inkpaws for the [ profile] heroinebigbang. You should go read it, it's amazing!

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Art for the [ profile] marvel_bang story Every Day Ordinary Superheroes written by Karrenia you can find the fic here.

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Art made for the fic Snacks From Up Above which you can read here. It's a really fun, sweet story and you should check it out if you like AUs, domesticity and Sterek.

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Here's the art I made for the fic You May Get Hurt in A Thousand Ways (But Give It One More Try) for the 2016 [ profile] marvel_bang. Fic is right here.

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This year I got the chance to sign up as an artist for the DCU Bang, and I was super excited to have gotten [ profile] firegirl0/Skalidra's story Teach Me How To Fight (I'll Show You How To Win). It's amazing!

So here it is.

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Come and sign up for [ profile] sncross_bigbang!
Where all Supernatural crossovers are welcome.

Rules, Schedule, and Other Information
Author Sign Ups | Artist Sign Ups

Because it seems I can't get enough of Big Bangs, I signed up to yet another one.


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