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So Halloween is pretty much over, and as always I had tons of fun, giving out candy, dressing up for school and enjoying watching people walking around or driving unconcerned while wearing a costume. It's a funny sight when you find a group of people dressed up next to the ones waiting for the bus. The sad thing is that it's over too soon, and now my head hurts from all the sugar.


And now I leave you with some of my favorite horror movie soundtracks. Spooky music for the soul 😉

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Here's another list(s), this time it's about television. If it involves horror, supernatural creatures, magic, aliens, strange happenings...I'm interested in watching. I have to admit I do watch a lot of TV thanks to platforms like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime, binge watching is a reality of mine. I don't always have the chance to watch the shows when they're on so I have to resort to online streaming. That said, a couple of these I started watching because of my older siblings.


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It was a couple of days when my last post was made, I was planning on posting more about my favorite things to watch/read/do/etc in October, but I was having internet connection issues and apparently they've been solved now. So here's a list of my favorite horror movies to watch. They're divided in different categories because I like to make lists (also I'm trying to make up for the days I missed ;D)

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Today I have my favorite fantasy and horror authors. In reality I enjoy the work of many --a lot of the stuff I read falls into horror/fantasy/sick-fi--but I've narrowed it down to five, based on how many times I've gone back and read their works, and the impact they have had in my life one way or another.


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Ever since I was a little girl Halloween's been my favorite holiday. The chance to put on a costume and going from door to door asking from candy was exciting. In honor of that I decided to post my 13 Days of Halloween, where each day until the 31st I'll be posting some of my favorite things, usually related to the spooky holiday. So without further ado, I present you:


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