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Today I took my cats to the vet, both had been sneezing and with the low temperatures we've been having I was worried it could get worse. Thankfully they didn't need medicine, but I was told to watch them and keep them warm. It's not going to be difficult because now that she can sleep on my bed again Bella's been disappearing under the covers. At night's usually freezing. I try to see it as a win-win situation given how cold I tend to be.

I'm also happy because Ghost is getting closer to two pounds which means he's growing healthy. He was so tiny when my brother brought him home. He's definitely got an appetite now.

center> photo 89532885-454d-4c04-87d4-c273db62ac7d_zpsmbmx9zhh.jpg
Ghost was having none of it. It was a big no to the vet and the camera.

 photo 6da39e5c-0911-479f-bc0c-1f81f89ce4ea_zpsarccgwuk.jpg
Bella doesn't care, as long as she can sleep after the vet it's all right.

 photo 81914845-dcf5-4915-aa0d-b0102bab55e1_zpselql7fg6.jpg
"No, human, this is MY bag. Get your own."

Bella's found a new favorite napping and playing spot. I don't know what it is about this particular bag but she's claimed ownership and won't let me use it anymore.πŸ˜‘

If you have pets, how well do they take going to the vet? Do they have a favorite napping spots? Do they steal your bed? I'd love to hear about your pets. 😊🐢🐱
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